Hello, future Snail owners!

It was a beautiful sunny day. The snails were resting on flower branches and basking in the summer sun. Everything changed in a moment! Suddenly the world around them began to transform. Some felt as if they had been painted with a brush, some had sparks before their eyes, and some felt like they were floating among the stars. The snails found themselves in parallel worlds, worlds that were painted, assembled from pieces, like a game etc. And the longer the snail was in that world, the more it interacted with it, the more it became like a native of that world. Fear and panic enveloped the snails’ minds!

Help the snails escape the unknown and get home!

We are pleased to present you one-of-a-kind, drawn in pixel art style and stylized with help of AI – SolanaSnails! One of them cold Original Snails collection of 588 Snail and the socond one is Art Snails collection of 588 Snail which can’t wait to move to their new home. They are tired of wandering the endlessly expanse of the unknown and are longing for someone to lend them a helping hand and take them home. Each snail is unique and distinctive, which makes these guys some of the most noticeable inside the Solana blockchain.

Mint date of Original Snails: FEB 05 2022 and Art Snails: Feb 16 in the meantime you can read our roadmap (sort of 🙂 ) and FAQ


How many SolanaSnails will be available at mint day?

The total number of Original Snails is 588 and the total number of Art Snails is 588. Available quantity for mint: Original Snails 588 and Art Snails 588.

How much is 1 Snail?

The cost of Original Snails is FREE. The cost of Art Snails is set at 0.1 SOL

When mint?

Original Snails: FEB 05 2022

Art Snails: FEB 16 2022

How do I actually purchase a SolanaSnails?

The easiest way is to install a Phantom or Solflare extension in your browser (or use any other Solana wallet) and link your crypto wallet to it. Ensure you have enough SOL in your wallet to cover the cost of a SolanaSnails mint price + gas fees ( its really low ). Approve the desired transaction on Phantom and you are all set


A roadmap is probably needed 100% from the beginning, but we don’t think we should just follow what we think is right. Of course it is necessary to listen to the voice of community, to make suggestions for consideration, and to improve the goals we have set. Of course we will set the direction of our project, but the voice of community is definitely important and will be taken into account when moving towards the goal and even community itself will often set the new direction! Here are a few steps that we feel are necessary:

  • 20% will be donated to ppl in need. The exact foundation(s) will discuss with the community
  • 20% of mint + 50% from secondary sales will be saved for the community pool
  • 20% will be given to the creators
  • 40% of mint + 50% from secondary sales will go to the further development of the project (cool game in plans!)
  • Giveaways/Contests/Collabs/Airdrops and New Collections! There will be some awesome presents after mint end! The future is very exciting
*All holders will receive cool bonuses from our future collections and/or from our partners!